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Patio Tiles Can Be Found In Various Styles. When some people see patio tiles on their neighbors deck, they may be impressed, surprised and possibly a little jealous of how good it looks. One of the most impressive features of wood patio tiles is their ability to keep their like-new appearance without yearly maintenance.

While their neighbors are power washing, sanding, and re-staining their wooden decks, those that have wood patio tiles are simply just enjoying a look that seems to never fade, with no apparent effort on their part. The benefit, is the fact that any homeowner can get that beautiful look very easily.

Although caring for a wooden deck may take some work, any thoughts of truly replacing the wood slat surface brings to mind an unbelievable amount of work and generally convinces the property owner to keep making do with the original deck. However, there are more options that will not require that level of work.

The wooden patio tiles are available pre-fabricated straight from the factory. These handy tiles, available at many home improvement stores, are made to interlock in place. This really is such an simple process, it’s like placing a group of small throw rugs together. Those that do the work might be reminded of their childhoods, working with the hobby kits with small interlocking pieces. This is often a very fun project that men and women enjoy doing, together with the fact that it looks like a professional has come in and done the work. It is really nearly impossible to achieve less than an ideal job because of the pre-formed tiles.

The great thing about these tiles is that it isn’t restricted to just wood. They can be surfaced with a range of outdoor materials such as pebble tile blends and mosaics. These tiles are great when trying to matching a homeowners favorite place to unwind, maybe a pool perhaps. You are going to boost any deck space with these stunning wooden tiles.

Even though the tiles are fabricated in square foot sizes, they don’t require that the surface where they rest be exactly sized to an even foot measure. The biggest reason these tiles are used would be to install them onto an aging deck, so you’re able to enjoy the look of a renovated deck in no time at all.

The edges on the outside tiles can be put a few inches from each edge of the existing patio in order to achieve the correct size. But if you would rather they fit the deck or some other surface, a tad bit more closely, the tiles may be cut very easily. To cut the wooden tiles, you will need a standard saber saw and a rotating sander wheel so that you can achieve the proper beveled finish on the tile.

All that is actually required is simply a half inch or so for expansion. Regardless of what the shape of the deck is, this technique work extremely well when fitting the tile to the surface. If the tiles are being placed on a curvilinear concrete patio, the outer tiles can be cut to any shape. One method for installation, is leave roughly a half foot around the outer curve, when placing the tiles on the curve, to prevent the tile from hitting right at the edge.

Then cardboard templates are trimmed to cover the rest of the area, matching the already positioned tiles to the curved edge. Then the final tiles are trimmed to the template and installed into position.

You will be very impressed with the results these wooden patio tiles give you. Make sure you visit a showroom featuring these items and check out the galleries and sample installations from the tile manufacturers.

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